The answer is not what just jumped into your brain.

December 2022

Is the party over for software developers?

November 2022

Read this list unless you want to build a money dissappearing system

October 2022

How? I don't know! Why don't we ask it?
Five part series on how to do fintech market analysisHere is a quick pointer to all five posts for anyone that needs it. Jobs To Be Done Basis of Competition Mapping Value Chains The Law of Conserv…
So that you can stop just nodding along when fintech people remind you of this fact
Adding Hamilton Helmer's 7 Powers to the market analysis tools we've already learned
Learning market analysis week 4 of 5

September 2022

How to create a visual representation of your or your competitors' products' value chains.
Week 2 of the Divinations Market Analysis Workshop
Week 1 is about market definition
The most common cause of startup bickering and what to do about it.